I pursued UX design after deciding on a career change.  This field allows me to problem solve and showcase my visual work.

As a designer, I consider many factors in the  work including the target users, function of an app/device, how it can improve our world, and the aesthetics.  I can empathize with users to create a better product that serves their needs.  I believe function is the most important aspect and think out-of-the-box to create something new.

Things I've learned are design trends change frequently, have more spontaneous thinking, be open to unusual concepts, and take breaks in order to work at full capacity.


On top of UI & UX design, I have a background in fine arts.​

I've spent many years familiarizing myself with traditional art materials, developed my perception, and can create  paintings digitally or on canvas.  I feel it's an old  tradition I have to keep alive.

I specialize in pet paintings and fanart.  I create pieces to evoke a positive mood or lasting impression on clients.  I've done many live fanart commissions at anime conventions.  When the client's face lights up, that's how I know I've achieved my goal.

In summary, I have spent over 10 years in customer service and feel digital  design is the new career path.  It allows me to stay on top of trends, showcase my creations, and solve problem spaces.



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